"This novel defies conventional classification: is it science fiction? biblical fiction? thriller?"

-Antediluvian Steampunk-

The story describes a world where flying two-headed dragons and ogres exist, characters with telepathic gifts communicate with both animals and people, a man named Noah builds an Ark in his backyard, and a six-fingered giant named Lilith wants to take over the world.

"While this collage may have been implausible in lesser hands, the author makes it work, artfully drawing readers into Sethopolis (the "center of the last human-dominated nation on Earth") and constructing an adventure with attention-grabbing plot twists." ~ Publishers Weekly

At the center of it all is 18-year old Susah, a feisty heroine with the ability to communicate telepathically. Sheltered by her father, Noah, from the evils of the world, Susah's life takes an unexpected turn when her aunt and uncle are killed by a violent street gang. Mesmerized by the soldier who rescues her and the flying dragon under his control, she decides to join the Dragoneer Corps, defenders of the Eden zone, and become a dragoneer.

Lilith, aware of Susah's gifts, wants to have her killed. As Susah trains to become a skilled dragoneer, she embarks on a collision course with Lilith's army of giants and ogres as they march toward the Eden zone for the ultimate battle between good and evil ...

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The Dragoneers: Book One of the Chronicles of Susah - Trailer # 4

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The Dragoneers: Book One of The Chronicles of Susah Trailer # 3

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The Dragoneers: Book One of The Chronicles of Susah - trailer # Two

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The Dragoneers: Book One of The Chronicles of Susah

30-second video from December 5, 2011


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"Sutherland's flowing writing style draws the reader into the narrative and creates anticipation of what new wonders await in the pages ahead. This book is suitable for young adults as well as older readers."

"I loved it from beginning to end."

"An awesome book, blended with fact, faction, imagination, and wonderful dragons."

"What a soul-shaking book; I couldn't put it down at times, and other times I HAD to put it down to catch my breath."

"Sutherland takes a Sunday school lesson and makes it into an action-packed science fantasy."

"The Dragoneer is truly an epic page turner of the 21st century. Based on the teachings of Christ mixed with Narnia like adventure, you will never regret reading it. "

The Dragoneers, what an awesome book, blended with fact, fiction, imagination, and wonderful dragons. If I had to compare this book with any other....I would say "along the lines of Narnia".

This book by Charles Sutherland leaves you wanting more....and more is yet to come...

The military descriptions are accurate and detailed, but not distracting from the story. As with any epic, a great battle must be fought, but this is only the stepping stone to even more action to come in Sutherland's future books.

"Even the beginning of this book has surprises. I knew before I began it, that it was loosely based on Genesis and set in Antediluvian times. I did not know that Sutherland has created a world of wonder and great accomplishments in technology so that the long ago world is quite similar to ours. Yes, I was surprised to find innovative ways of transportation, shopping similar to ours today and even the same sins we see in today's world. Though that last shouldn't have surprised me I suppose. After all, Satan is an ancient creature and his servants are ever present."

"Sutherland's conception of the days of Noah boggle the mind and the monsters found within it are loathesome. The Creator God shines above all else especially in the bravery of a young woman, Susah, the daughter of ... no, I will not spoil that for you because I recommend that you read this book."

What an imagination C. D. Sutherland has! Revisiting the world of Earth before the Biblical Great Flood, he populates it with fallen angels, giants, ogres, dinosaurs and dragons, as well as two main tribes of humans: the descendants of Seth and those of Cain, the sons of Adam. Ancient and ultra-modern technologies exist side-by side. Chariots share roads with powered transporters; food synthesizers supplement agriculture; a form of television exists."


"The story's young heroine, Susah, is a daughter of Noah. Like her father, she possesses the ability to telepathically communicate with both humans and other animals. After being attacked by a gang of ogre thugs, Susah is rescued by an army officer and his two-headed dragon. He flies her home in a glider towed by dragons, and she is inspired to join the Dragoneers, the elite air force that guards the Garden of Eden. When Noah, obsessed with building his ark, disapproves, she runs away and enlists. Her telepathic powers give her an advantage over her fellow recruits."

"While Susah excels in training, Lilith, a powerful ogre and organized crime empress, plots with politicians and renegade army officers to defeat the Dragoneers and seize the Garden of Eden and its secret powers. She views Noah as an enemy, making Susah a target as well. Lilith's military minions pose a continuing threat."

"The plot races to a climactic battle between a valorous band of Dragoneers and an army of ogres."

"Sutherland's flowing writing style draws the reader into the narrative and creates anticipation of what new wonders await in the pages ahead. This book is suitable for young adults as well as older readers. I recommend it to all lovers of action/adventure and fantasy. Well done, C.D. Sutherland."

No genre, as yet, contains the facts of non-fiction, the delight of fantasy, the inspiration of the Bible, and on...as this one does.
It is a first in its own class and field.
The ark is being built, surrounded by superhighways. Metal is known and used. Brother fights with brother. Susah feels animals thoughts...wolves, tigers, a leviathan, rats, all animals. Ogres and Hogres exist, some work as slaves. And mammoths range with behemoths.
Yet Lilith is the main evil character, and such a character I have never read before now. I felt her evil from such wording as the author gave to her description. Lilith lives in the pages of this book. She speaks to her master."

I applaud this author for creating a new genre. One which inevitably will be copied, but never again "The Dragoneer".

"I love how the author starts off the novel and continues to drag the reader in with the mental picture he conjures up for us. It is my belief that only an amazing author can do this for readers.  I also love how the author calls on God for help in his novel.
The descriptive nature and ability of the C.D. Sutherland is astounding. Don't be fooled by the name of the novel- it is not about dragons or witchcraft- but it is a great story."

"The dialogue is impeccable and the writing is flawless! I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing story and compliment the author on his fine ability at creating a world for the reader to enter and enjoy. I recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading excellent work."

"Congratulations Mr C D Sutherland. What a great read. I've bought this book and couldn't "put it down". CD is an excellent story teller and has a good writing style. Additionally, his book is well edited and well published. The grammar is outstanding. He earns a five star grading due to the countless hours he spent caring for his book, combining his arts and science talents."

He takes you into a fantasy world we all need to go to from time to time, in order to escape from reality for a while. He grips you with his excellent plot leading to very surprising events. CD, being a former B52 pilot, knows what he's talking about and draws heavily from his 32 years experience in the Air Force, from air force procedures and training to actual warfare.

What I also like from his book is that it's something to read for the whole family, any age group. It seems that he classifies it as Religious Fantasy. I would rather classify it as "Science Fantasy", although it has a spiritual side, thereby maybe broadening his market. Fact is, it's a great read for anyone.

Well done CD, all in all a good work of fiction, whatever the classification.


Like the MASTER, feeding the 5000 with a few pita breads and some sardines, Sutherland has taken a few scraps of information [what the Bible gives about the world before the Flood of Noah] and has multiplied those tidbits into a miraculous world, filled with dragons, giants, physical demons, and a host of other dangers. And it is a world populated by a very few who brave souls who are willing to stand against the too prevalent evil.

WARNING: This fast-paced story is one of those actioners that is impossible to put down once you are swept into and captured by its fantastic world. The characters are so believable, that you feel you are right there with them in their joys and struggles; urging them on to overcome their flaws, wanting to help them in the conflicts thrust upon them; rejoicing in the triumphs of the good and cringing at the plotting and heartlessness of the wicked.


At first I was hesitant at reading this book. I'm usually not into these kinds of books, but once I started the journey, it pulled me in and I couldn't put it down until the last page was read. Some of the things I enjoyed were the blending of Biblical stories that we're all familiar with, advance technologies with a little Sci-Fi thrown in the mix. Although it's fictional and set in a time prior to the Biblical flood, who's to say they didn't have the means back then? Sure everything was destroyed in the flood, so how do we know they did or didn't have the knowledge back then?

"Loved the book and can't wait for the next one in the series!"


This book really grabs you from the start. The setting is biblical pre-flood. Mr Sutherland takes you on an unforgettable journey through a fantastic land filled with dragons, giants and Noah's family. There is good and definitely evil. The rough characters are so vividly described that you will be amazed that there is no foul language. The battle sequences are incredible with air to ground combat highlighting military tactical and strategic attention to detail.

The only thing I found disappointing was the last page. I was not ready for the story to be over. Guess we will have to wait for book 2.....


The Dragoneer is truly an epic page turner of the 21st century. Based on the teachings of Christ mixed with Narnia like adventure, you will never regret reading it. Charles Sutherland makes a perfect medley of mythology and tech, attracting readers like a light to a moth. The Dragoneer is good enough even to rival the works of Christopher Paolini and Eoin Colfer!

Let's support Charles in his fantastic works of literature.


I'm not much of a fantasy book reader but after the first few pages of this one I couldent take my eyes away. I thought all the characters were a story all their own nevermind the book. The plot was slowly developed with care and timing, the end making me want more. I cant wait for sequals.


 This book drew me into the world of Susah. That is my test of a good fiction book. Just as I was able to imagine my journey with Bilbo I was able to imagine being in the world of Susah. I would have liked to have read more about the flying combat tactics and the mind connection between dragons and Susah. Maybe that will be included in the future novels.

I would recommend this book and it does make for a good read for younger audiences. I would recommend to readers 12 and older.


This book is absolutely wonderful. I read the printed version of the book. Although I am extremely busy, at first I had decide to read one chapter before I went to bed. The chapters are relatively short at 6-8 pages each.

My plan was completely thwarted by about the 3rd day, and I could not put the book down. I ended up reading it over a weekend, instead of over a month. The Dragoneers - is that good.

The initial chapters confused me due to reading one chapter a day as I initially had planned, but when I read the chapter regarding the mall, I wanted to know, Ok are they OK? From then on I was hooked. The chapter's flow nicely together, and by understanding the initial background of the book set in the initial chapters this book is one of the most delightful books I have read in the last year. I have a library of several thousand books.

I found the Dragoneers super enjoyable and very entertaining. I think this book would be a wonderful audiobook if a talented actor could read all the parts, like the audiobooks for Harry Potter are read by one actor.

I have recommended this book to my friends, and children. My 2 oldest children both tell me they immensely enjoy this book (they have the Kindle edition). The Dragoneers is a must read for an enjoyable, intellectual, and entertaining literary journey. Or in simple terms read the book and have a marvelous adventure.


This is one wild ride, first time author C.D. Sutherland has done a epic speculative fantasy. Susah is Noah's daughter and an animal lover, while going to Sethopolis for a shopping day meets danger and adventure beyond all imagination.Susah determines that she wants to become a Dragoneer and defend Eden. Dragons with both one and two heads, Ogre's, Hogres, Giants, Fallen Angels and much more await Susah in this first of a planned 11 books.


You'll find all of these in the book of Genesis, and C.D. Sutherland effectively speculates about this forgotten and neglected era in The Dragoneers. Sutherland's captivating take on the Antediluvian age envisions sources of power and methods of war that excite the reader's imagination and thought process in this fast-paced action thriller.

Using the first chapters of Genesis as a backdrop, C.D. Sutherland imagines a vibrant post-Eden environment full of colorful characters intertwined with one of Noah's offspring. Susah is a divinely gifted and supremely blessed daughter of the ark-builder--and of course sister of Shem, Ham and Japheth. After some unfortunate encounters with the kinds of wickedness alluded to in the book of Genesis, Susah finds herself taken with the dream of flight as a Dragoneer. Sutherland's legend uses well-developed theory and science which explores this and other unrecorded possibilities of the age.

It is Susah's journey through military schooling, her innocent yet discerning approach to all situations, and her curious intellect about the world that cause the reader to cheer her through challenges as daunting as any men of that time ever faced. She is the consummate heroine: small in stature yet mighty in youthful courage, not perfect yet obedient and respectful, full of the kind of spunk required to succeed as a Dragoneer. She explores a world oddly parallel to the early 21st Century, struggling with a worldview which was presumably only developing in that era--and missing access to the Truth.

This book is as diversely appealing as any could be. Children and animal lovers will adore the teenager Susah. Science fiction readers will find Sutherland's account of life on Earth and the application of available technology particularly unique. Military folks will give a nod to the description of combat training. And if you've ever imagined what events could lead the Creator to flood the Earth, this account will occupy your curiosity and satisfy your wonderment until that day when we all find out!

You should read The Dragoneers.

There really is more to the story.