THE LOST DRAGONEER can stand alone, even though it picks up where the THE DRAGONEERS left off. Susah discovers war has a cost, even to the victor. Furthermore she is intrigued by the ancient garden she and her fellow dragoneers have sworn to defend--needing a closer look. The more she learns of its secrets, the more she understands the potential calamity awaiting humankind--all trespassers must be kept away.

Susah faces her greatest challenge when she is stripped of all she has learned to depend upon. In unfamiliar surroundings, Susah must adapt and overcome in order to survive. Along the way, she discovers she can be her own worst enemy.

Meanwhile, far away in Cosmort, a fallen angel, nearly as old as time itself, after acquiring advanced weapons technology from traitors within Sethica, launches a massive invasion into the last human dominated nation on Earth.

Will the nation of Sethica endure or will the descendants of Seth be forced into becoming a meager race of refugees--hiding and hoping to survive each day as Nephilim and ogres hunt them for sport and food? And even if they endure, will Susah survive her face-to-face encounter with a fallen angel?

This 123,000 word, Genesis-based epic fantasy reads like a new genre of Antediluvian Steampunk, but whatever you call it, it will attract those interested in speculative fiction, especially about the antediluvian world, and will also appeal to readers of contemporary fantasy as well as military fiction.

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